Derek H. Rodgers
Thank you for visiting my webpage.
I am the founder of Outside the Gate ministries and publishing company. My goal is to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and guide any man, woman, or child through critical thinking skills.
The publishing company will be a vehicle to produce books and other forms of media that present positive images to the community. The books, movies, and manuals that we publish will educate and entertain.
Feel free to contact me with any ideas or plans. Together we can light up a dark culture.
I am originally from Newport News, VA. I currently reside in Richmond, VA. I am married with three children. My wife and I have a passion to heal people who need healing.
We understand the Hebrew culture and enjoy Bible study. The problems we see in the community are the problems God designed us to solve. What is your goals, vision, plan, and purpose? We can help each other help others. Peace!!

Jesus is Lord.

My Bookshelf

  1. Title 1
    Title 1
  2. Title 3
    Title 3
  3. The Lies We Live With
    The Lies We Live With
  4. Light Ideas
    Light Ideas
    This is a book of intimate poems. The poems in this book detail spiritual growth and internal conflicts. The book also contains poems about positive events and joyous moments.